03 August 2017

What I Wore on Holiday

I'm guilty of spending the majority of my holiday in a selection of bikinis but I certainly don't feel guilty for doing so. This year I did put a little more effort into what I wore during the day we explored and for our evenings out. A couple of the outfits were from last summer but I hope they'll at least provide you with some inspiration whether it's a new shop or a type of outfit.

On our day exploring, I wanted to be comfortable and practical but also feel nice. Just before the holiday I had a good browse around H&M and found a few gems including this simple white button up-shirt. The reason I love this shirt so much is because it's an unusual cut but still so flattering. You can tie it up like I have in pictures below or wear it as a boxy crop.
I paired the shirt with a pair of denim shorts from American Eagle and a belt from Levi's. Unfortunately, the shorts have since been a huge disappointment. I luckily got them in the sale so did not spend full price but they are not hemmed and have now fallen apart after a couple of wears and a wash. I have always loved American Eagle and they have now left the UK for good and I'm really disappointed that this was my final experience with them. 
Regardless, there are some lovely denim shorts for sale in Hollister, Topshop or on asos. My FatFace sandals are a staple in my summer wardrobe and have been for two years. They're amazingly comfortable and weren't too expensive. I also have them in a heeled version!
The next two outfits were dinner outfits so were slightly more dressy and definitely less practical.

For a night beachside and in a seafood restaurant, I wore comfy and casual trousers with a floral print from Stradivarius paired with another top from H&M. This outfit was perfect. The trousers made sure I could fit a food baby in them and the top was super comfy but still looked good (if I say so myself). I paired the outfit with my favourite heels from Timberland. I highly recommend Timberland heels because they're practical and beautiful.

For another evening out, I wore a FatFace maxi dress that I'm obsessed with and have been for a few years.
I know that they no longer sell this dress but every year they bring out a similar cut with different patterns so if you like this one be sure to keep an eye out. With the dress, I wore the FatFace sandals I mentioned before and a necklace from Accessorize. I also wore my staple sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger. 

I'm really enjoying changing up my style so I will be posting some more fashion-related content from now on.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Kay xo

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