15 July 2017

Las Palmas

This summer I went on an adventure to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, with a best friend. It was mainly a relaxing holiday. We were right next to the beach and had a rooftop pool (with a bar, woo!) and mainly chilled. One day we ventured out of the area to see Christopher Columbus' house - known as Casa de Colón. The house is situated in the north-eastern side of the island and was about a twenty minute bus ride from Playa Las Canteras (the beach next door to our hotel). We chose to take a bus instead of a taxi because A) it was a lot cheaper and B) it allowed us to see a little more of the local area.
We happened to decide to go on a Saturday which was midway through our 7-day break, splitting up our week perfectly. We gained free entry to the house and, from my amazing (hmm) Spanish skills, I understood that it was possibly due to it being a weekend. The house was nothing like I expected. It was more of a museum and was very informative regarding his adventures and accomplishments. Casa de Colón was also home to two parrots who totally seemed to love the attention they got.
I have seen a few reviews floating around suggesting that the house is a waste of time but I thoroughly enjoyed looking around it and taking photographs. I definitely suggest going if you want, don't be put off by the odd bad review. Each room has an English information guide allowing you to learn so much about Columbus, his adventures and about what each room contains. I was definitely expecting it to be like an English Heritage house such as Chartwell in Kent and, although it wasn't like that, I didn't feel disappointed by it. I learned a lot and enjoyed our time there.
It was lovely being able to explore the surrounding town as it was more of a classic Spanish town than the one in which we were staying. It was home to a Cathedral, plenty of balconies and some lovely cafes and bars.
We bumped into some touristy shops which meant we could buy a couple of magnets for our families and saw some fountains too. It was lovely just wandering aimlessly and bumping into little bits of beauty.

Gran Canaria is known for it's tourist resorts, water parks etc. but Las Palmas is a spot I've heard mentioned the least. They have amazing little cafes and Playa de Las Canteras is a beautiful beach with mountains on either side and a fantastically blue sea. They also have amazing sunsets there!
If you're looking for somewhere to chill but with the odd thing to explore, Las Palmas is great. 

There will be a review of our hotel and some more summer bits and bobs to come! Keep updated by following my blog and also my Instagram (@okaykayblog).

Kay xo