30 May 2017

May Favourites

This month has been absolutely crazy. It's been exam central at uni and I'm afraid I had to relax my blog for a little while. But boy have I missed it! So this post is my May favourites. Now I know favourites are all over the place and people can find them a little boring but I just had to share my favourites this month with you because they've all made such a difference.
First up is my Kindle. I got a Kindle in the middle of April and have been using it basically every night since. This one is kind of a double favourite as I also loved the book you can see called 'You Had Me at Hello' by Mhairi McFarlane. The book is a bit of a soppy rom-com but it was my sense of humour and a good little break from all the psychological thrillers I had been reading before it. I think reading is important and I always read before bed. So this Kindle has been absolutely great also because a lot of the time Kindle books are cheaper which is great for a student. A Kindle is definitely an investment but in my eyes, it's so worth it.
I am such a coffee lover, it's probably a little unhealthy. I have my parents old Nespresso machine with me at uni since they have a new one but it certainly isn't the cheapest coffee going but I have found these pods by CafePod which are compatible with Nespresso machines and they are often on a deal in Asda which is a double bonus. They are a lot cheaper and still make a good cuppa. Well worth it in my eyes.
I get a lot of headaches from studying, especially if I'm on my laptop a lot or if I am studying because I forget to hydrate. This has definitely been my saviour. I believe it's a menthol treatment and it has a cooling effect on the forehead which helps dull the headache. It makes such a difference and works basically every time without fail and I find it can be more effective than paracetamol.
*Always follow medical advice*
The oh-so-famous Instax camera. I can't really say more than what has already been said by many others. But I have truly been loving it at the moment. I usually write the date and name of the person on the polaroid so when I'm old and forgetful, I'll know exactly who it was taken with and when. I have fairy lights in my university room and have some mini wooden pegs which I use to attach the polaroids to them. Because I rent my room, I don't want to stick things on the wall with Blu-Tack as it can stain the walls so the fairylights with command hooks (strong but temporary hooks and perfect for rental properties) and pegs are a great idea.
As you know from my last blogpost, I have been loving Kikki.k and this is another thing from their shop. It's a wooden quote block that comes with a range of quote cards that you can change in and out of the block. I've been loving it as decoration for my room and for motivation.
Before you're worried that the diffuser scent is pouring out, I've just run out so no worries! I love Rituals' scents. I got this mini reed diffuser in the scent Sakura and I love it. It fills up the room without being overpowering. I love it so much and highly recommend having a look at Rituals, even if you don't like this scent.
It's been so sunny in England!!! I say this as the weather is not so great but I've fallen back in love with these sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger. I find it hard to find sunglasses that suit me but these do and I'm obsessed. They're comfy and easy to wear. I managed to get them from an outlet store in America so they weren't too expensive which just makes them better because I'd be terrified to wear them if they were pricey!

I hope you guys enjoyed the nice weather! Good luck on your exams if you're doing them, you must be close now so just keep going and they'll be over now!

Kay xo

02 May 2017

Stationery Love at Uni

At the moment, it's revision and exam term at university. But through all the boring notes and arduous past papers. I've been loving some stationery and thought I'd share it with you.
I feel like it is probably very weird to have a love for highlighters but oh well. I find that when I'm highlighting notes with the same colours, everything begins to blur into one and I may as well not have bothered highlighting my notes at all. But these Stabilo Highlighters are beautiful and the range of colours are so good at ensuring your notes don't all blend into each other.

Whilst revising, I've also realised that Post-it notes are great. If I've written or typed up notes and there's some information I would like to add, I just stick a Post-it note on it. It works really well for me. I stick them when I need to add definitions, diagrams, research papers to look at when looking at a certain module or when I need to remind myself of some information. I also stick them around my flat for reminders and use the little ones to mark pages in my textbooks. There are so many uses for them and I find I now use them all the time.

My favourite shop of the moment is Kikki.K. They sell the most stunning stationery and I highly recommend a browse some time. The 'Today' to-do list is a life saver for me. You can track how much water you drink, what is most urgent and it's a great way to see how productive you've been throughout the day. Meanwhile, the notebooks have been great as little 'Bibles' for notes for certain modules at university; they help me to compile concise notes that I can always turn to when working. Both of these have embossed gold on them and I can't handle how pretty they are. It just makes organisation and revision that little bit nicer.

So there are my must-haves for revision right now (aside from the textbooks, module handouts and all that jazz). I just find these little things make revision a bit more pleasant to do.

Hope your exams all go well if you have them!

Kay xo

P.S. You'll be seeing a lot more of me again soon x