03 August 2017

What I Wore on Holiday

I'm guilty of spending the majority of my holiday in a selection of bikinis but I certainly don't feel guilty for doing so. This year I did put a little more effort into what I wore during the day we explored and for our evenings out. A couple of the outfits were from last summer but I hope they'll at least provide you with some inspiration whether it's a new shop or a type of outfit.

On our day exploring, I wanted to be comfortable and practical but also feel nice. Just before the holiday I had a good browse around H&M and found a few gems including this simple white button up-shirt. The reason I love this shirt so much is because it's an unusual cut but still so flattering. You can tie it up like I have in pictures below or wear it as a boxy crop.
I paired the shirt with a pair of denim shorts from American Eagle and a belt from Levi's. Unfortunately, the shorts have since been a huge disappointment. I luckily got them in the sale so did not spend full price but they are not hemmed and have now fallen apart after a couple of wears and a wash. I have always loved American Eagle and they have now left the UK for good and I'm really disappointed that this was my final experience with them. 
Regardless, there are some lovely denim shorts for sale in Hollister, Topshop or on asos. My FatFace sandals are a staple in my summer wardrobe and have been for two years. They're amazingly comfortable and weren't too expensive. I also have them in a heeled version!
The next two outfits were dinner outfits so were slightly more dressy and definitely less practical.

For a night beachside and in a seafood restaurant, I wore comfy and casual trousers with a floral print from Stradivarius paired with another top from H&M. This outfit was perfect. The trousers made sure I could fit a food baby in them and the top was super comfy but still looked good (if I say so myself). I paired the outfit with my favourite heels from Timberland. I highly recommend Timberland heels because they're practical and beautiful.

For another evening out, I wore a FatFace maxi dress that I'm obsessed with and have been for a few years.
I know that they no longer sell this dress but every year they bring out a similar cut with different patterns so if you like this one be sure to keep an eye out. With the dress, I wore the FatFace sandals I mentioned before and a necklace from Accessorize. I also wore my staple sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger. 

I'm really enjoying changing up my style so I will be posting some more fashion-related content from now on.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Kay xo

15 July 2017

Las Palmas

This summer I went on an adventure to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, with a best friend. It was mainly a relaxing holiday. We were right next to the beach and had a rooftop pool (with a bar, woo!) and mainly chilled. One day we ventured out of the area to see Christopher Columbus' house - known as Casa de Colón. The house is situated in the north-eastern side of the island and was about a twenty minute bus ride from Playa Las Canteras (the beach next door to our hotel). We chose to take a bus instead of a taxi because A) it was a lot cheaper and B) it allowed us to see a little more of the local area.
We happened to decide to go on a Saturday which was midway through our 7-day break, splitting up our week perfectly. We gained free entry to the house and, from my amazing (hmm) Spanish skills, I understood that it was possibly due to it being a weekend. The house was nothing like I expected. It was more of a museum and was very informative regarding his adventures and accomplishments. Casa de Colón was also home to two parrots who totally seemed to love the attention they got.
I have seen a few reviews floating around suggesting that the house is a waste of time but I thoroughly enjoyed looking around it and taking photographs. I definitely suggest going if you want, don't be put off by the odd bad review. Each room has an English information guide allowing you to learn so much about Columbus, his adventures and about what each room contains. I was definitely expecting it to be like an English Heritage house such as Chartwell in Kent and, although it wasn't like that, I didn't feel disappointed by it. I learned a lot and enjoyed our time there.
It was lovely being able to explore the surrounding town as it was more of a classic Spanish town than the one in which we were staying. It was home to a Cathedral, plenty of balconies and some lovely cafes and bars.
We bumped into some touristy shops which meant we could buy a couple of magnets for our families and saw some fountains too. It was lovely just wandering aimlessly and bumping into little bits of beauty.

Gran Canaria is known for it's tourist resorts, water parks etc. but Las Palmas is a spot I've heard mentioned the least. They have amazing little cafes and Playa de Las Canteras is a beautiful beach with mountains on either side and a fantastically blue sea. They also have amazing sunsets there!
If you're looking for somewhere to chill but with the odd thing to explore, Las Palmas is great. 

There will be a review of our hotel and some more summer bits and bobs to come! Keep updated by following my blog and also my Instagram (@okaykayblog).

Kay xo

30 May 2017

May Favourites

This month has been absolutely crazy. It's been exam central at uni and I'm afraid I had to relax my blog for a little while. But boy have I missed it! So this post is my May favourites. Now I know favourites are all over the place and people can find them a little boring but I just had to share my favourites this month with you because they've all made such a difference.
First up is my Kindle. I got a Kindle in the middle of April and have been using it basically every night since. This one is kind of a double favourite as I also loved the book you can see called 'You Had Me at Hello' by Mhairi McFarlane. The book is a bit of a soppy rom-com but it was my sense of humour and a good little break from all the psychological thrillers I had been reading before it. I think reading is important and I always read before bed. So this Kindle has been absolutely great also because a lot of the time Kindle books are cheaper which is great for a student. A Kindle is definitely an investment but in my eyes, it's so worth it.
I am such a coffee lover, it's probably a little unhealthy. I have my parents old Nespresso machine with me at uni since they have a new one but it certainly isn't the cheapest coffee going but I have found these pods by CafePod which are compatible with Nespresso machines and they are often on a deal in Asda which is a double bonus. They are a lot cheaper and still make a good cuppa. Well worth it in my eyes.
I get a lot of headaches from studying, especially if I'm on my laptop a lot or if I am studying because I forget to hydrate. This has definitely been my saviour. I believe it's a menthol treatment and it has a cooling effect on the forehead which helps dull the headache. It makes such a difference and works basically every time without fail and I find it can be more effective than paracetamol.
*Always follow medical advice*
The oh-so-famous Instax camera. I can't really say more than what has already been said by many others. But I have truly been loving it at the moment. I usually write the date and name of the person on the polaroid so when I'm old and forgetful, I'll know exactly who it was taken with and when. I have fairy lights in my university room and have some mini wooden pegs which I use to attach the polaroids to them. Because I rent my room, I don't want to stick things on the wall with Blu-Tack as it can stain the walls so the fairylights with command hooks (strong but temporary hooks and perfect for rental properties) and pegs are a great idea.
As you know from my last blogpost, I have been loving Kikki.k and this is another thing from their shop. It's a wooden quote block that comes with a range of quote cards that you can change in and out of the block. I've been loving it as decoration for my room and for motivation.
Before you're worried that the diffuser scent is pouring out, I've just run out so no worries! I love Rituals' scents. I got this mini reed diffuser in the scent Sakura and I love it. It fills up the room without being overpowering. I love it so much and highly recommend having a look at Rituals, even if you don't like this scent.
It's been so sunny in England!!! I say this as the weather is not so great but I've fallen back in love with these sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger. I find it hard to find sunglasses that suit me but these do and I'm obsessed. They're comfy and easy to wear. I managed to get them from an outlet store in America so they weren't too expensive which just makes them better because I'd be terrified to wear them if they were pricey!

I hope you guys enjoyed the nice weather! Good luck on your exams if you're doing them, you must be close now so just keep going and they'll be over now!

Kay xo

02 May 2017

Stationery Love at Uni

At the moment, it's revision and exam term at university. But through all the boring notes and arduous past papers. I've been loving some stationery and thought I'd share it with you.
I feel like it is probably very weird to have a love for highlighters but oh well. I find that when I'm highlighting notes with the same colours, everything begins to blur into one and I may as well not have bothered highlighting my notes at all. But these Stabilo Highlighters are beautiful and the range of colours are so good at ensuring your notes don't all blend into each other.

Whilst revising, I've also realised that Post-it notes are great. If I've written or typed up notes and there's some information I would like to add, I just stick a Post-it note on it. It works really well for me. I stick them when I need to add definitions, diagrams, research papers to look at when looking at a certain module or when I need to remind myself of some information. I also stick them around my flat for reminders and use the little ones to mark pages in my textbooks. There are so many uses for them and I find I now use them all the time.

My favourite shop of the moment is Kikki.K. They sell the most stunning stationery and I highly recommend a browse some time. The 'Today' to-do list is a life saver for me. You can track how much water you drink, what is most urgent and it's a great way to see how productive you've been throughout the day. Meanwhile, the notebooks have been great as little 'Bibles' for notes for certain modules at university; they help me to compile concise notes that I can always turn to when working. Both of these have embossed gold on them and I can't handle how pretty they are. It just makes organisation and revision that little bit nicer.

So there are my must-haves for revision right now (aside from the textbooks, module handouts and all that jazz). I just find these little things make revision a bit more pleasant to do.

Hope your exams all go well if you have them!

Kay xo

P.S. You'll be seeing a lot more of me again soon x

11 January 2017

My Everyday Makeup

Most days, I don't wear makeup because I am a big believer in finding comfort in your own skin and it also is not good for your skin everyday. However, on a standard day when I do wear makeup, this is what I choose.
To prime my skin before I apply any makeup and after my skincare, I apply Benefit's Ooh La Lift and the Benefit Porefessional.
Following this, I apply the Bobbi Brown corrector and Maybelline Dream Lumi onto my undereyes.
I recently read a blogpost on sophschoices' blog about how she had given up concealer and I have followed suit. I no longer put concealer on my spots and blemishes unless I am on a special night out. I highly recommend you read her blogpost if you're interested.
So next up is base: for this I use Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (a light coverage foundation) and the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder.
Once my base is applied, my face can look a little flat, so then I add some dimension to my face. I use the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit on my cheekbones and the places the sun usually hits. I then blend their Benetint on the apples of my cheeks.
After this, I blend the shade Vanilla (top left with a hefty dent) from Soap and Glory's Lid Stuff quad all over my eyelid and following blending either the shade Mudhoney (bottom left), Pink T (top right), or the Hoola Bronzer previously mentioned into my crease.
I'm all about the natural brows, so I don't fill my in, instead I use Benefit's Ready, Steady, Brow. For my lashes, I use the well-renowned Maybelline Lash Sensational.
So that's my daily makeup. Sometimes I'll add some highlighter - typically a benefit one because they're my favourites - to the tops of my cheeks and on my brow bone. I'll usually put Benetint on my lips but often just a bit of lipbalm.

Hope this gave you some inspiration!
Kay xo