27 November 2016

Looking Back on a Summer in Seville

This summer I went on a city break to Seville in Spain for my holiday and lately I've been going through my photos and reminiscing a little.
It's a fantastic city and there are many hidden beauties but the attraction of the tourist sites is not lost in the chaos of the tourism.

The Alcázar

Plaza de España


I loved the trip to Seville. I think three days is the perfect amount of time to spend there as it is more of a city break rather than a full-on holiday. The Alcázar and Plaza de España were absolutely beautiful and are worth the visit if you travel to Seville. The locals are lovely and I recommend you drop yourself down in a local tapas restaurant for meals in the evening. If you are of legal age, I cannot speak highly enough of the vino de naranja which is a wine made of oranges (as the translation suggests) and it is definitely a desert wine, reminiscent of a sherry or port. I loved the wine so much that I had to take some home with me.
The atmosphere in Seville is so unique and chilled while the food and drink is divine. I absolutely loved it.
Throughout the trip I mainly lived in loose fitted shorts, loose playsuits or denim shorts and a baggier top. It was so hot in Seville that we were leaving the hotel at about 8 when it was cool out and returning after lunch as it was just so hot. It is a good idea to stick to baggier clothes because any tight-fitting clothes will just cling to you and make you really sweaty (maybe that's TMI but it's honest). Be sure to take a couple of pairs of shoes because no matter how well your shoes fit you, the amount of walking you will do and the heat will cause nearly every shoe to rub so alternating the shoes you wear is a really good idea.

Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of posts
Kay xo

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