26 September 2016

A Summer Stroll

In my eyes there is nothing better than a walk in the countryside. It does not matter how bad you're feeling, country strolls always improve your mood (even by just a little bit). This summer we stayed with friends in Norfolk for the weekend and the weather was just stunning, so we chucked on our walking shoes and went on a little adventure.
Norfolk is an amazing place. The fields are endless and we could have wandered through them for the entire day. The nicest part about the area in which our friends live is the total lack of traffic. I can't remember hearing any traffic and when we were visiting the local church had a wedding on so it was 'busier than usual'.
It's refreshing to wander and escape the world. I highly recommend it
Kay xo

22 September 2016


I know, I've been terrible at updating my blog. Life has been oh so hectic. For those of you that didn't know, I've now started my first year at university and have been busy sorting out everything ready for it.
So far, I'm having the best time. I'm hoping to do some posts on university necessities, meals for students and things like that. So my blog may be changing a little. I'm sticking to what I love and what I would want to read but I will still be writing about beauty and makeup, it just may be a little less frequently.

Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck by me even though I've not been hugely active.

Coming soon: a blog post about my recent trip to Seville so keep your eyes peeled.

Kay xo