31 January 2016

My Most Used Eyeshadow Palettes


One of my beautiful best friends gave me this palette as a gift for my birthday and I absolutely love it. It had caught my eye while shopping on several occasions but I convinced myself that I didn't need it in my life. I did. I really did. It is absolute perfection. I was never a huge fan of glitter or shimmer eyeshadows until I discovered that I loved them this summer and this palette has the perfect mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shadows. On the label it shows how you can use them as quads, trios and duos and I think that is a great idea but in all honesty I mix and match depending on my mood. It claims that it gives you '13 LOOKS IN ONE PALLETTE' and I can completely see where they're coming from - not that I've tested that out myself. The colours are everyday wearable but are buildable for a good night out look. I should have jumped on this band wagon much sooner. The pigmentation is great as is the blendability. The lasting power is pretty immense, it's up there with some of my favourite Bobbi Brown ones. I'd recommend a thousand times over. My favourite shades are the swatches shown and is the gold shade and brown shimmer shade in the bottom row of the central quad.


A very clever guy bought me this palette for Christmas and I have fallen in love with it. I know it's not just an eye shadow palette but I am a huge fan especially of the color appeal eyeshadows that are part of it - not that I don't love the blush, bronzer and lipsticks (I have made a fair dent in those too). The pigmentation and shimmer in these eyeshadows are absolutely insane! My favourite is definitely the bronzey copper shade as I had been searching for that perfect shade but hadn't found it until now. I double up the pale pink and pale gold shades as highlights too as they have a vibrant glow to them. The gold in the middle is also fabulous and I love the green but have yet to find colours to match it with. Let me know if you know of any.


Now this palette was not cheap even though I bought it in duty free but I could not resist. It's great for evenings or nights out and the neutral shades are great for a natural look. I like blending out the darker colours for a daytime look if I'm going on a date or doing something where I want to look slightly more glamorous. Or sometimes if I just feel like it. The pigmentation is pretty good but be warned, the dark almost-black is very difficult to blend and I overdid it once and hurt my eye. It is a great rich, dark colour but be wary when applying as it is hard to fix mistakes. I love the amount of sparkle there is in the glitter shades as you don't need to apply much to get the desired effect - this makes the price a bit easier to swallow. I've always love Bobbi Brown shadows for the amount of colour you get for the product as it originally looks like you don't get much for your money but don't be tricked - you get way more than you expect! The brush it comes with is pretty great too - I use the thin side when I want to add detail on the bottom lash line or use shadow like liner (it's great for a subtle wing effect) while the other side is fluffy and good for blending.

These are all my go-to palette's for sure and you can see I've made quite the dent in some of the shadows.

Kay x