27 November 2016

Looking Back on a Summer in Seville

This summer I went on a city break to Seville in Spain for my holiday and lately I've been going through my photos and reminiscing a little.
It's a fantastic city and there are many hidden beauties but the attraction of the tourist sites is not lost in the chaos of the tourism.

The Alcázar

Plaza de España


I loved the trip to Seville. I think three days is the perfect amount of time to spend there as it is more of a city break rather than a full-on holiday. The Alcázar and Plaza de España were absolutely beautiful and are worth the visit if you travel to Seville. The locals are lovely and I recommend you drop yourself down in a local tapas restaurant for meals in the evening. If you are of legal age, I cannot speak highly enough of the vino de naranja which is a wine made of oranges (as the translation suggests) and it is definitely a desert wine, reminiscent of a sherry or port. I loved the wine so much that I had to take some home with me.
The atmosphere in Seville is so unique and chilled while the food and drink is divine. I absolutely loved it.
Throughout the trip I mainly lived in loose fitted shorts, loose playsuits or denim shorts and a baggier top. It was so hot in Seville that we were leaving the hotel at about 8 when it was cool out and returning after lunch as it was just so hot. It is a good idea to stick to baggier clothes because any tight-fitting clothes will just cling to you and make you really sweaty (maybe that's TMI but it's honest). Be sure to take a couple of pairs of shoes because no matter how well your shoes fit you, the amount of walking you will do and the heat will cause nearly every shoe to rub so alternating the shoes you wear is a really good idea.

Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of posts
Kay xo

26 September 2016

A Summer Stroll

In my eyes there is nothing better than a walk in the countryside. It does not matter how bad you're feeling, country strolls always improve your mood (even by just a little bit). This summer we stayed with friends in Norfolk for the weekend and the weather was just stunning, so we chucked on our walking shoes and went on a little adventure.
Norfolk is an amazing place. The fields are endless and we could have wandered through them for the entire day. The nicest part about the area in which our friends live is the total lack of traffic. I can't remember hearing any traffic and when we were visiting the local church had a wedding on so it was 'busier than usual'.
It's refreshing to wander and escape the world. I highly recommend it
Kay xo

22 September 2016


I know, I've been terrible at updating my blog. Life has been oh so hectic. For those of you that didn't know, I've now started my first year at university and have been busy sorting out everything ready for it.
So far, I'm having the best time. I'm hoping to do some posts on university necessities, meals for students and things like that. So my blog may be changing a little. I'm sticking to what I love and what I would want to read but I will still be writing about beauty and makeup, it just may be a little less frequently.

Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck by me even though I've not been hugely active.

Coming soon: a blog post about my recent trip to Seville so keep your eyes peeled.

Kay xo

10 August 2016

Best or Bust - Books

So here's the second installment in my Treasure or Trash, Best or Bust and Repurchase or Recycle series. This instalment is dedicated to books I've recently read and whether they are my favourites or ones I'm not so keen on. Books are very personal and I do not mean to cause offence in any of my decisions - just because I didn't like a book does not mean that nobody else will or that the author is not as talented. These are my opinions and you are welcome to take them simply with a pinch of salt.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
It took me quite a while to really get into the story in this book but when I did I really enjoyed it to begin with. However, I feel this is a bust because I ended up bored of the book by the time I finished it. I think there are too many twists and turns in the story at the end that it made it unrealistic and a little outrageous so I was a little disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend because of this, which is a shame because the first two thirds of the book were really suspenseful. I think that part of the reason I didn't like it was because I wasn't emotionally invested in either character or their lives and hated them by the end. I was left frustrated for sure. Unfortunately, it's got to be a bust from me.

The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes
I love, love, love this book. I had heard Tanya Burr talk about it quite a lot in some of her videos and finally just went ahead and moved it from my wishlist to my basket. I was hooked into the story the minute I started it and it is the book that helped me rediscover my love for reading. I won't give any of this story away but it's a great read and I cannot recommend it enough. Definitely a best.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
This story has been especially huge since the film came out with Leo starring in it but I was incredibly disappointed by it. I found I was bored by the story as nothing really happened in the book. Maybe it was because it had been celebrated so much and my expectations were too high but for me it was certainly a complete bust.

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern
I had this book on my shelf for a good long time but for some reason never picked it up. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors as I loved 'When Rainbows End' (known now as 'Love, Rosie') and I also loved this book. Ahern has something about her writing that can only be described as 'feel good'. This book was nothing like I expected but it made me love it even more. It's definitely a best and a good holiday read (by the pool may be ideal).

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
I'm sure you've seen this book around at some point as it's been in a lot of book charts and is all over Instagram. It's a book that fits into the category of crime, murder and mystery and I'm not sure whether I'd put it in either best or bust. I'm a little stuck when it comes to this book. I loved the build up and the contrasting perspectives from the missing girl to the girl on the train but the ending left me feeling unsure. I'm not sure if I was surprised or knew it all along. I guess it must be a good book because I still ponder over it and a lot of good books leave you thinking, but be sure to make up your own mind on it - it's a good read and I do not at all regret reading it but I definitely feel uncertain.

The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons
I felt as if I was beginning to exhaust the crime and thriller category of books until I pulled this one off of the shelf. It had the right balance of suspense, intrigue and revelation that makes a good book. Tony Parsons is a talented writer for this and I'm certain I'm going to be picking up another of his books soon. You find yourself pointing fingers at different characters throughout but personally I did not guess right. It was an interesting read because as far as I know a lot of the policing details are fact (correct me if I'm wrong). This book is 100% on the best list and if you're into this sort of genre be sure to add it to your 'next up to read' pile.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Kay xo

03 August 2016

A Sunny Sunday at Eltham Palace

As much as I love a good ole lazy Sunday, if it's sunny I love to go out and do something. We are having great weather every couple of days here in the UK so my family and I took a trip to Eltham Palace. It's an absolutely beautiful place run by English Heritage with huge gardens and an open tour of the building. You do have to pay for entry but then you can stay however long you wish and you get a free audio tour which can be used in the building and the gardens.
The interior design in the palace is amazing, some rooms remind you of Henry VIII, others are like something from The Great Gatsby while others remind you of rooms you would see in Italy. The audio tour gives you the history of each room so I won't tell you all of it because I really encourage you to visit for yourselves if you can.

The Gardens

My favourite parts of palaces and houses are their gardens. They're always so well-kept and are great photo opportunities. There's nothing like exploring nature on a sunny day; seeing the wildlife and finding all the nooks and crannies around the grounds.

The Café

To top off a lovely day exploring inside and out, their café is glorious. You've got the choice of sitting in a converted greenhouse that still allows all the sun in or sit outside and let the kids (that's if you have them) run around the play area. They do a fabulous coffee and I can definitely recommend their chocolate brownie if you're peckish.

If it's a sunny Sunday and you live in/near London, Eltham Palace is an enchanting place to visit and it's suitable to all from children to the elderly.

Kay xo
Disclaimer: All photos are unedited and this post is not sponsored by Eltham Palace or English Heritage I just wanted to share my love for it with you.